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Thursday, December 23, 2004

36 Hours of The Moderate Liberal

My first post was about 36 hours ago and so far I've received three comments and one trackback. That may not sound like much but it's pretty exciting to me. I honestly wasn't expecting to see any evidence of readership for at least a week of constant blogging, and that was on the assumption this site actually succeeded.

The blog still looks like .... well, let's just say it doesn't look as nice as I'd like. I'll probably be fiddling with the look; at a minimum I want to add a left side column with a blog roll. So far I've figured out how to use trackbacks, which are less trivial than I expected, and how to change the look of my blockquotes. It's a start.

I also learned today that Safari can spell check as you type; didn't know any web browser could do that. Score one for Apple. For me this is huge, my typed word in its natural state is atrocious. (That would have been "atrocias" without the power of modern technology!)

My plan is to write at least one "big" entry a day, something original that isn't a comment on other blogs, something that others will hopefully find interesting or at least spawn a little thought. In addition I'll write several smaller entries that are largely links and comments on other blogs. For a while at least I'll focus on blogs that support trackback; this is the only method I can think of to advertise The Moderate Liberal. Well, I could go over to Kos, Atrios and MyDD just to post "read my blog", "read my blog" over and over again, but I think we all agree that would be a bad idea on many levels.

Anyway, for the two or three people who may actually be reading this, thanks for dropping by! Hopefully you'll drop by again some time and decided the site is worth a bookmark.

Update: Yikes, I just saw what this site looks like on IE; trust me, it looks much better on Safari. Let's see if I can get the right hand column back to the side of the postings....