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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Parable Of The Beekeeper

There once was a beekeeper who believed the ancient Tome of the Keepers. No word was questioned and no letter disobeyed. And so he lived his life.

The Tome of the Keepers said "all bees fly by the will of the Queen and by the will of the Queen they shall be lifted." And the keeper believed.

The man of science said it is not the will of the Queen, but the wing and the muscle and the lift that keep the bee afloat, but the keeper did not believe. Nor did the keeper's wife. Nor did the keeper's neighbor.

The man of science made very careful studies of bumblebee flight and came to the conclusion that bumblebees cannot fly at all. But they did fly, and the man of science could not explain.

The keeper exclaimed the Tome was righteous and the people believed. The man of science protested but the people would not let him continue to look for natural causes for natural events. The Tome explained all.

Now, it is known to all, the bee flies only by the will of the Queen. Never again did the man of science look for a natural cause and thus, he never found one.

And for all time the people forever explained gaps in their theories and understanding by claiming the supernatural, and there was peace, for the people learned the joy of just giving up.

The End