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Friday, March 18, 2005

From My In Box

Respect the Sacrifice -- Protect the Freedom -- Stop Government Censorship Today

Dear Fellow American,

This past Veterans Day, ABC honored America's vets for a third straight year by airing "Saving Private Ryan."  But 66 local ABC affiliates, bullied by a small group of right-wing zealots who objected to the realistic violence and language in the film, asked the Federal Communications Commission for a ruling to protect themselves before proceeding. 

How did the FCC respond?  Silence.  They left the stations hanging out to dry.  And these 66 affiliates, fearing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, chose not to air "Saving Private Ryan," depriving one-third of the country from watching it.

Just a few weeks ago, the FCC finally ruled that the stations could air the film -- but it was too little, too late.  And in the meantime, the damage to our democracy had been done -- a small group of right-wing zealots had held these stations hostage, using the fear of fines as a political tool, and the FCC played along.

This kind of de facto censorship is wholly unacceptable.  We deserve a government that will stand up to these groups, leaving the decision about whether or not to watch these programs up to us.  That's our right as Americans.  That right was secured by the sacrifice of the fighting men and women portrayed in "Saving Private Ryan" and by all of us who have served in America's armed forces.

I urge you to email FCC Chairman Kevin Martin by signing my petition below and demand that he end this de facto censorship.  Tell Chairman Martin that we will not stand idly by as the government enables the erosion of one of our most precious freedoms.

And then invite everyone you know to join our cause.


Wes Clark