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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Earthquake, Tsunami and the Politics of Good Will

Here I was, about to link to Atrio's devastating observation that the $15 million Bush pledged pledged for earthquake and tsunami is less than half what Bush will spend on his own inauguration, when I notice the relief pledge has already doubled to $35 million with Colin Powell claiming assistance will eventually exceed $1 billion. It looks like Atrios spoke too soon. Good. Let's hope the out-going Powell can be trusted on this matter.

We are a rich nation, we have the ability and the resources to help. When you can do good, you should. I strongly believe we should help out in situations like this simply because we can and it is the right thing to do. The United States can be both a good nation and a great nation; both Democrats and Republicans should agree on this point.

Good Will is also good politics. I suspect the twenty-first century will be dominated by the four great powers of the U.S.A, the E.U., China and India with the remaining countries mostly aligning with one of the great powers. Of these, it is imperial, non-democratic China I fear. Steve Clemens has the following observation:
Politically speaking, my gut tells me that China is going to further advance its interests in the region by pouring aid and support into all of those communities that have been hit. Francis Fukuyama skeptically outlined China's thus far successful charm offensive in Asia, and I think he gets it mostly right.
World opinion of the United States isn't exactly at an all time high; we could use some good press overseas. More importantly, there are many overseas that seriously need the help right now.

Update: Well, that will teach me to give the Bushies any credit, apparently that extra $20 million is only a "line of credit". Remind me again: how is it we lost an election to people this immoral and stupid? Man, I hate these guys.