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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Choose the Blue?

Atrios links to ChooseTheBlue.com, a site encouraging Democrats to buy and invest in "blue" corporations. Sounds like a good idea, but I'm not so sure their method of determining which companies are blue works very well. They describe their method thus:
ChooseTheBlue.com compiles information from third party sources primarily to show certain reported spending by political action committees connected with a corporation* and by that corporation's employees as political contributions, in each case related to recent federal elections.
While most companies are marked red I couldn't help but notice Fox News came out blue. In fact, all of Murdoch's News Corp companies are marked blue. Apparently News Corp employees paid $689,549 to Democratic but only $434,224 to Republicans. So, should good Democrats support Fox News, Reagan Books and the NY Post? I'm thinking maybe not. Disney turned out blue as well, but Univision is red with all $28,000 contributed going to Republicans. I like the idea of ChooseTheBlue.com, but I'm not convinced simply looking at employee contributions actually gives us the correct picture.