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Saturday, January 08, 2005

How Not to be a Moderate Liberal

Now here is an example of how not to be a moderate liberal:
It's quite liberating being completely out of power after hearing the right insult, browbeat and demonize us for more than 15 years. After this over the top post election end zone dance in particular, we no longer have anything to lose by making it our business to simply fuck with Republicans for the pure entertainment value. In some ways it's a kind of political insurgency. They refuse to compromise, they insist on being demeaning and crude, so all that's left is to make their lives unpleasant is a thousand little ways every single day.
Now I love Digby and I am completely, totally sympathetic to this line of thought. Truth be known, I'm a natural button pusher who, for example, always chuckles whenever some artist gets a rise out of the religious right. Heck, it's fun to see them all squirm or holler in outrage! But it doesn't make it right.

This doesn't mean Democrats should just cave in a compromise, either. We don't have the government I want where liberals toss out all these wonderful, crazy ideas while the conservatives have enough power to stop all the bad ones and make sure the good ideas are implemented in a practical way. The reality is we need to realize we are now the opposition party and act accordingly. We need to make a stink about Gonzales and make sure the electorate realizes we don't approve -- but we can't stop the nomination. We need to draw a line in the sand on social security and uniformly reject all attempts to privatize it, even if this means a worse law passes as a result. The electorate must know Democrats see a better, more efficient and safer way. If we do this right Democrats will have a 2006 much like the year Republicans enjoyed in 1994.