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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Kevin Blames Corporate Profiteering

From conservative Kevin Aylward at WizBang!:

Is It Sweeps Week?

Katie Couric is talking about oral sex tonight on an NBC special on teen sex. On Fox, Paris Hilton is taking jobs she's not qualified to perform (which is pretty much all of them) on the premiere of The Simple Life - Interns.

Ironically there is one "job" we know Paris Hilton IS qualified to perform. She should have been a shoo-in to host the NBC special...
Both the left and the right complain about this garbage, though the right has been louder, lately. My wife listens to Air America all the time and Janeane Garofalo constantly complains about the filth coming out of Hollywood and the mass market media. Garofalo is about as far left as you get, a Green Party supporter who voted for Nader in 2000. The difference between the her and Dobson on this issue is Dobson blames moral decay and Garofalo blames corporate profiteering, marketing to the least common denominator.

I just thought it interesting that a conservative site unwittingly took the liberal side when blaming "sweeps week". Perhaps there is some truth to both sides of the debate.