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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Entrepreneurs to Build Gay District in Spokane

AP reports:
SPOKANE, Wash. - Gay activists in this staid Washington city are planning to create a neighborhood of gay-oriented homes, businesses and nightlife — a development religious conservatives contend would clash with Spokane's family-centered culture.
Tom Reese, an economic development officer for Spokane, said city government is not exactly pushing the notion of a gay district, but they don't oppose it either.

"It is our desire to create an environment where diversity and different interests and lifestyles of all types can flourish," Reese said.

No public funds will be used to create the district, which is dependent on developers, Aspen said. No location has been announced.
I have mixed feelings about this. Entrepreneurs are pushing for this, not the government, so that's great. I certainly have no moral problems with a development like this, although I'll reserve moral judgment for in particular establishment. (If they build a 'bath house' they'll get no moral support from me, for example.)

I worry about the backlash. Is this too much too soon? Or, as the promoters say, is it a matter of "visibility equals freedom". My suggestion to the developers is keep the placed toned down; a place you could bring your mother without being embarrassed. If they can do that and prove to all they can conduct themselves as worthy members of the community, then only good things should come from this.

Hat tip Wizbang!