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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

American Study Laboratory

Disney was right, it is a small world after all. I just noticed a link from a site in Japan chiming in on the sticker controversy. The site is アメリカ学研究所, which via bablefish becomes The American study laboratory. Here is the bablefish conclusion:
So well when "rational and naturalism" are worshipped, although you criticize you call evolution theory to humorous thing, as for the creative theory supporters sometimes, that also the self is swallowed in rational ƒ…?

Don't you think? as for them like whether at first glance you dislike science of, however it is visible, as for truth having faith the doctrine of science from heart,the it is.
Bablefish is a great tool, but it still has some room for improvement. Looks like a call for moderation.