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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hello To Quantum Thinkers

Ah, the power of the internet. Even though Quantum Thought doesn't support trackback, Norm still noticed my post by looking here and I know he found me that way by looking here, so even though he didn't trackback to me, I noticed he wrote this, here:

Quantum Left Doubles

I have added The Moderate Liberal to my blog role under the category of "Quantum Left". He is discussing something about the recent posts I had on intelligent design. His site is thoughtful though liberal...no guys, that's not an oxymoron...it can actually happen. He has an interesting column. You might want to drop him some of your ideas. Who knows, maybe we can tip him a bit to the right. Analphilosopher...you made the change from liberal to conservative. Maybe you can help him make the transition.

I thought about asking The Chinese Monkey Dancer. But his usual means of influencing thought processes involve red hot pokers, slicing, smashing fingers and toes on anvils, etc. Not quite moderate enough
Good luck with that conversion, I'll be trying the same. Perhaps we'll meet half way from time to time. I plan to write much more on evolution, ID, religion, etc. as time goes by.

And no, I don't know much about this Chinese Monkey Dancer guy... person... thing, whatever. Sounds like a real party-monkey.

BTW: I believe the guys at CERN are now zapping my former summer home (for a few weeks, anyway) with gagilleons of neutrinos, assuming they every went through with the experiment.