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Monday, January 03, 2005

More Partisan Tsunami Talk

Last week Paul at Wizbang noticed a partisan response to the tsunami tragedy, with bloggers on the right posting far more than bloggers on the left. I mused over a few reasons this might be true here which lead to a series of comments and posts here, here and here, a conversation that strayed quite a ways away from the original tsunami post.

Well today we hear a similar story coming from the left. Digby notes from this article that religious right doesn't seem to care about these disasters.
This is very telling. Throughout the last week, everybody from schoolkids to major newspapers have been collecting money for the victims of the tsunami or at least publicizing where people should send it.

Except for one group. The Christian Right. This article by Bill Berkowitz from December 30th showed that none of the major Christian Right groups such as Focus on the Family or the Christian Coalition had mentioned anything on their web sites. I just checked all the links and as of January 3rd, 8:25 PST there is still nothing.
Ameriblog dives into more details and compares web sites of religious right versus religious left groups and finds the right lacking. They also point out the RNC and DNC websites differ on the matter (via Atrios):
Ah yes, the GOP family values parade (charade) continues. The Democratic National Committee Web site has an appeal for donations to tsunami victims right up at the top of the DNC home page. The Republican National Committee Web site doesn't even mention the disaster, though it does have a lovely story about President Bush, inappropriately titled "Rising Tide."
While all of this is somewhat interesting, does it really matter? Probably not. Last week Ezra at Pandablog called Paul's Wizbang post the The Worst of the Worst
Wizbang, however, took it as an opportunity to write the most vicious, disgusting post I've seen in my entire time online. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, and marginalized by all who desire the barest modicum of decency in political discourse.
Any time now the righties will blog up a storm denouncing the lefties as hypocrites for writing their own "vicious, disgusting" posts, I'm sure. Gotta love that partisan bickering. For what it's worth, I doubt any of this really means anything.