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Monday, January 10, 2005

The Real Social Security Choice

Carpe Bonum fights the good, conservative fight on Social Security. He seems to be one of the few willing to argue on the real differences between current Social Security and the privatized plan when he asks if they are losing the spin war on benefits:
Indeed. And if the debate ignores the fairness of the benefits to contributions ratios and the many other positive consequences of privatization, Social Security reform will die on the vine.

Browse around the Carpe Bonum archives for lots more on this.
Indeed, the "fairness of the benefits to the contributions ratios" pinpoints the difference between the Republican and Democratic ideology on this matter. With privatization you get to keep all the money you put in, with interest. Currently, you might not see a single dime of the money put into Social Security, you might die at a young age. That's the difference between an investment and insurance. Honest Republicans should to be arguing this point, but most won't. Why? Because they'll lose that debate. Here's the difference between the two ideologies in a nut shell:

The Republican plan for private accounts is better for you after you are dead, the current Democratic insurance plan is better for you while you are still alive.

Which do you think the people prefer?

UPDATE: Just On Minute has more from the Republican side.