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Monday, March 07, 2005

Happy Birthday Cassandra!

Monday my daughter turns nine, so happy birthday Cassandra! I know it's cliché to say this, but man they grow up fast! Half way to adulthood, now that's scary.

The other night we were watching Hair! together. She and my wife just finished their year or two study of American history, with excellent History Of Us series and tons of supplemental material. Having just read about the 60's and 70's I thought Hair! would be a fun way to see what that era was like. Now, this movie has scenes with pot and psychedelic drugs in it, which some may question letting a young child see, but I think creates an great opportunity for discussion. Well, my daughter is a very bright girl and all I had to do was explain what this drugs were and she quickly points out "being against the war is good, but taking drugs is just stupid!" I told you she was bright.

Ok, one more brag. Although my wife and I learned long ago not to brag because people either don't believe us or think we are some kind of hyper-competitive, flash-card-wielding, pushy parents, but you'll just have to put up it for one more paragraph! (I shared this story at Hoagies many years ago, as well.)

Once when she was three she was looking at a triangle, circle and square and told me the triangle was "wrong". Not getting it I asked "you mean it is most different?" (She was really into figuring out what was most different at that age.) "Yea." "Why is that?" "Because it has three sides." Still not getting it I asked "well, how many sides does a circle have?" She looked at the shapes carefully, thought for a while and finally said "lots and lots of really, really small sides."

I still have no idea why the the triangle was "wrong" in her head, but I was definitely impressed with her answer. I don't think many adults would get that one correctly.

Ok, enough of bragging, back to our regularly scheduled programming....