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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Intelligent Intelligent Design Posts

If you are interested in a fairly intelligent set of posts in favor of Intelligent Design, go visit Norm Weatherby's Quantum Thought, in particular here, here, here, and here. However, notice that virtually all of his complaints deal with the very early universe (values of universal constants) or very early Earth (early protein combinations, etc.), not so much the evolution of species itself.

Also, he tends to throw around infinitesimally small probabilities like 10-255 to show how random chance can't produce the needed result sans intelligent design. However, it should be understood that the evolutionary process is a form of intelligent design. Using an evolutionary model, genetic algorithms have shown enough creativity to produce patentable circuit designs. Only recently have we begun to understand the nature of complexity (which can partially be thought of as the basic mathematical laws leading to evolution) which so far shows promise of resolving some of the intelligent design issues.

Anyway, check out what the other side has to say.